Elderly Foundation Uganda is a community based organization that seeks to help old people, youths and children most especially those in Rakai district, Kanabulemu village on issues that particularly affect them; like health issues, social issues, economic, education, poverty and basically their well being in the community where they live.


Since AIDS started from this area in 1986, the parents who are now elderly faced several challenges because they lost most of their children. Some lost all the children leaving the parents behind. This was so traumatising for them until now they sufffer from their loss. Some were left with a few grand children to look after, of which themselves can’t afford to take care of. They have very poor housing with bad toilets which are dangerous for them to live in. None of the old people can afford to get themselves basic needs even the smallest things like salt and sugar. That’s why the elderly foundation managed to get some funds so that the elderly can be empowered economically through cultivation. Whereby all of them were given seeds so that they could sell some vegetables in markets and get a little money to buy things like sugar and salt. This project was a success and we are glad to say that it helped them a lot in sustaining themselves. It also put a smile on their face and gave them hope.


As our first involvement with the youths, we had to get something to inspire them. This would give us a chance to interact with them. We were able to supply them with cloths which helped us get their attention. It gave us the opportunity to get the information on how we could help them to get out of poverty. AIDS did not only affect the elderly but also the youths because upto now the area has never recovered. All the youths do is take local brew so that they forget about what happened to them. The government hasnt got’ten involved in the lives of these people. However, they said that they can work if they are given a hand and that’s why they decided to create two groups. One is to carry out cultivation while the other group was to do piggery. In this way they can work towards a future out of the poverty they live in at this moment.


We managed to visit a school in the Rakai district and interacted with the children. Since they are grand children, the main problem is that they have little time for school. The reason for this is that they need to help their grand parents with house work. In addition to that we saw that by the time they get to school they are already tired and hungry. It is hard for them to concetrate being tired. Besides these problems we faced the situation that most of them didn’t have scholastic materials to help them study and pass. The rate of school drop out amongst girls is high due to early pregnancy. Other children drop out of school because they don’t understand what they are studying for. Others need to cater for their home so instead of studying they spend much time looking for ways of how their homes are going to servive. Most of the grand children are taking care of homes since their grand parents are too old to do the work. This is the reason we needed to come in so that we could help sensitise the parents and also see how best we could help provide scholastic materials for them.