About us

A society where older persons and youths are living in a dignified and secure environment that fulfills their needs and aspirations.

Elderly Foundation Uganda  mission is to effectively contribute to the well being and empowerment of older persons, youths and children in Rakai District so that they can effectively participate and benefit from development initiatives.

To create an enabling environment and promote healthy aging as a strategy for wholistic development of the older persons, and also to help the youths live a more satisfying and economically empowered life that helps them be self sustainable.

To enable the children get better education with all educational materials needed in school.

The organisation targets older persons aged 60 years and above starting with those living in Rakai District with special emphasis on the most vulnerable.

It also targets youths and children who are vulnerable in Rakai district, specifically in kanabulemu village.


  • To ensure that all elderly under our care¬† get a chance to recieve mental, physical, emotional and psycho social support from the organisation.
  • To provide basic needs to the elderly under EFU.
  • To ensure that older persons under EFU are aware of and have access to essential emergency health care services
  • To advocate for safety or protection of older persons in their homesteads
  • To reduce poverty levels where all older persons under EFU can afford to buy something for themselves by initiating income generating projects.
  • To see to it that all elders under the care of EFU are and feel part of their respective communities.
  • To identify, initiate and coordinate programs or projects that directly or indirectly contribute to socio economic well being of the older persons.

To improve on the living standards of the people in kanabulemu as a whole.
To help the youths be empowered economically so that they can be in position to fight poverty.
To improve on the education standards of the children through provision of scholastic materials.

Reasons why Rakai and most especially Kanabulemu village:
This is the district where AIDS started from, and more so in the areas we are operating, this disease killed many people due to the fact that the local people referred to as witchcraft. By the time the government of Uganda found out, it had killed most of the youths and the elderly were left with no youths to help in the development process.
This was a big set back for the area and up to now, the area has never developed, the few youths that would help to develop the area went to urban centres so those that are around all they do is take local beers.
Elderly foundation found it deserving so that we can bring hope to the people of the area, and we decided to involve the youths because they are the engine of the area and they can help out our elderly where they need manual help, and when we talked to the youths, they thought of carrying out cultivation while others decided to do piggery farming. And this being our next target.
They believe that according to the area they are living, that would help the whole area and also reduce on idleness.
With the children, elderly foundation decided to help them out provide scholastic materials to ease their education.