Mpigi office.

Elderly Foundation Uganda has opened up a new office in Mpigi district where the elderly home is going to be constructed. This is another branch of Elderly Foundation Uganda and we want to extend Elderly services to older persons of that area plus most vulnerable families. We ask for your corporation as you have always done it.

Christmas event 2014 overview

Some pictures of our 2014 Christmas event.
We are glad to say that the christmas event for our old people was a success and we thank those that made this day a big day for the elderly especially Mathieu Van Noort who did alot for the day to happen. This happens every year just like our volunteers will have a party with the members of Elderly Foundation Uganda when they have finished their work and their stay is done.
We managed also to give youths rice as their christmas package, all the youths in this area got a chance to take food home and this gave people hope for christmas.
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Empower the elderly

We have been able to empower the elderly economically through giving them seeds for cultivation. This was done so that the elderly can get souce and also sell some vegetables so that they can get some little money to help them buy products like sugar and salt.

Securing the youths and helping the people

We are now working on securing the youths through helping them fight poverty. They saw that doing farming and cultivation would help them as well as the whole community at large through the bigger plan above it. Securing the elderly shelter is also of utmost importance since many of them have poor houses which are soon falling on them. Constructing toilets for the elderly since they don’t have proper toilets. Having a decent toilet is one of the ways to prevent diseases to spread. For the children it is important that they have scholastic materials to their disposal.