Matilda Naiga

Matilda Nayiga is 71 years old and she is a widow.
She lives in Rakai district, Kakuuto County, Kyebe sub-county, Sentamu Lc1 village.
Mathilda is living together with her grandchild and needs special help.
She provides food for her family by doing some digging and she is open to the idea
of participating in any income generating activities. Her immediate needs are; shelter,
medical care and financial support.

Alfred Kaboggoza

Alfred is widower, lives in Kyebe sub-county Rakai District. He lives with 6 people. He has some relatives but they do not provide any help. They get food by doing some digging, never had any chance to recieve any social amenities from the government.
He is a victim of HIV/AIDS as he lost members of the family to this disease.

He needs medical attention due to regular illnesses, basic needs and any other kind of help.

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Josephine Nakyanzi

Josephine is a widow, Lives in Kyebe Sub-county Rakai District. She is 79 yrs but still strong considering she still goes to dig in order to get food to feed her family. She stays with 5 people some being orphans. She needs special care especially medical. Has relatives but they haven’t been of help. A victim of HIV/AIDS since she lost some of her brother to the deadly disease. If you wish to be of any help you can contact us.

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Alexandria Nkanyize

Alexandria is a widow (77 years old) lives in Kyebe-subcounty Rakai District. Stays with one grand child who is an orphan, she needs special help especially medical. Has relatives but they rarely visit and assit her. Provides food by doing some digging around her home, she has never recied any social amenities from the government. A victim of HIV/AIDS because she lost most of her children to the disease. She would be gratefull to any kind of help. You can contact us if you want to give help in any way you can.

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Edward Geofrey Lutaaya Ddungu

Edward is a widower (65 years old) who lives in Kyabe Sub-County Rakai District, lives with two orphans and needs special help. He has relatives but they are not of much help and he survives on food cultivated from his garden. A victim of HIV/AIDS as he takes care of 2 orphans whose parents died of AIDS. He is willing to participate in any income generating activity. If you wish to sponsor him contact us.

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